Swiss referendum on immigration

On Sunday 16 Feb 2014, a slight majority, 50.3 percent, of Swiss voters voted to introduce a global immigration cap applying to all categories of migrants, including workers, asylum seekers and family members of current residents. The proposal was backed by the right-conservative Swiss People’s Party and opposed by all other major parties, trade unions and business groups. The government now has a period of three years to renegotiate Switzerland’s international agreements to make them compatible. The unexpected result of the referendum (the latest polls had suggested the measure would fail) puts the Swiss government in a difficult situation, given its relationship with the European Union.

This post is written by Alexandre Afonso, a lecturer in the department of political economy at Kings College London, where he specializes in welfare state, labor and immigration politics.

Full post here:


also more here on the impact on the rest of the far right: FT article


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