General background – more recent articles here

West European Politics on 2013 election

analysis of German election trends (movement between parties in 2013 election)

public opinion in Germany

discussion of forthcoming election (3.9.13) and TV debate between candidates

Party democracy – more recent articles here

Poguntke, T., 2014, ‘Towards a new party system: The vanishing hold of the catch-all parties in Germany’, Party Politics, 20(6): 950-63.

Merkel considers way to limit powers of constitutional court (April 2014)

on coalition discussions and impact on intra-European politics (12.12.13)

coalition deal (27.11.13)

discussions over Grand Coalition (17.10.13) and suggestion here that a CDU/CSU-SPD coalition will form by Christmas 2013

Greens reject coalition with Merkel (16.10.13)

Rise of Far Right and populist parties – updates here

“Germany far right” on Bundlr

split within AfD sees resignation of deputy chair (apr 2015) – and discussion here of further potential for split over immigration (May 2015) – and AfD division leads to annual congress cancelled (June 2015)

AfD wins seats in Hamburg election (Feb 2015)

wave of anti-immigration protests, including 10,000 in Dresden (Dec 2014) (Pegida movement), and 15,000 a week later (supported by AfD) – more here – and 17,000 on 22 Dec 2014 follows CSU’s suggestion that immigrants should speak German at home (which were later backed away from), and again in Jan 2015 (but this time with significant counter-mobilisation); here on links between Pegida and AfD; anti-Pegida rock concert (Jan 2015); Pegida organising committee resigns (28 Jan 2015) and more on resignation here

radical left – Die Linke – poised to govern in Thuringia (Nov 2014) and here details of victory

far right clashes with police in Cologne (Oct 2014)

legal ruling helps far right (Feb 2014)

academic articles:

Franzmann, S.T. (2016) Calling the Ghost of Populism: The AfD’s Strategic and Tactical Agendas until the EP Election 2014, German Politics, 25:4, 457-479

Arzheimer, K., 2015, ‘The AfD: Finally a successful Right-Wing populist Eurosceptic party for Germany?’, West European Politics 38(3): 535-56.

Decline and/or Change in Centre-Left (Social Democratic) Parties?

See this page for all post-July 2015 stories

Poll setback for SPD in Bremen (May 2015)

on quandary facing SPD over Eurozone policy (Nov 2014)

and on fragmenting vote for SPD

Why the SPD liberalised labour markets in the early-2000s?

Welfare state more recent links here

abolition of tuition fees in Germany (autumn 2014)

criticised for plans to lower retirement age when Euro-periphery countries are going in opposite direction (21.4.14) and the Economist’s take on this (26.4.14)

welfare reforms in Germany (March 2014)

Varieties of capitalism – more recent updates here

EU opposition to minimum wage law (May 2015) – and here

7-day train strike threatens German economy (May 2015) and Moves to limit powers to strike after strike wave (May 2015) – and here Streeck discusses on strike wave

wage rises lift hope of recovery (Apr 2015)

new quotas for women on boards (March 2015)

on poverty in Germany (March 2015)

Germany moves to zero  public deficit (Jan 2015)

Merkel adopts anti-TU legislation (Dec 2014)

discussion of how Germany’s surplus has boomed since the 2008 crisis

Bundesbank backs trade union calls for wage rises (July 2014)

Amazon hit by strikes in Germany (April 2014) – and again in Dec 2014 – and pre-Christmas strike – discussion of dispute and here

Merkel to consider minimum wage?

relevant academic literature:

Carlin, Wendy, and David Soskice (2009). ‘German Economic Performance: Disentangling the Role of Supply-Side Reforms, Macroeconomic Policy and Coordinated Economy Institutions’, Socio-Economic Review, 7:1, 69–99.

on 2000 Vodafone takeover of Mannesman – academic and news

Political participation

links here

academic article:

David F. Patton (2017) Monday, Monday: Eastern Protest Movements and German Party Politics since 1989, German Politics, 26:4, 480-497, DOI: 10.1080/09644008.2017.1365136

The Comparative Politics of the Global Economic Crisis

Modest tax cut for Germany (May 2015) 

wage rises lift hope of recovery (Apr 2015)

discussion of how Germany’s surplus has boomed since the 2008 crisis – and discussion here on how Germany ‘won’ the Euro crisis

German on brink of recession (Oct 2014) and discussion of weak exports as contributory factor (Oct 2014); and concern in IMF (Oct 2014); and further gloomy news (Oct 2014) and criitque of German austerity policies as contributing to the downturn; but slight drop in unemployment (Oct 2014)

Schauble on need to reform Eurozone (27.3.14)

Schaeuble on EU bank rescue fund (19 Feb 2014)

Merkel-Zapatero spat over bailout (9.12.13)

criticisms of Germany’s export-oriented model and its impact on economic recovery (Nov 2013)

Merkel pushed by coalition talks towards a move away from austerity for Germany (2.11.13)

Germany posts budget surplus of €8.5bn (23.08.13)


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