General – more recent here

President steps down –> PM Renzi seeks to find replacement (Jan 2015) – discussion here; Mattarella elected (end JAn 2015) and discussion of implicatdions

Party democracy – more recent here

Vote shifts from Renzi to Northern League and 5-Star-Movement in regional elections (May 2015)

Renzi’s electoral reforom (May 2015) – adopted (Italicum)  and here

on corruption in Italian democracy

on sources of long-term decline in political participation in Italy: explained largely in terms of fragmentation of party system – Martini, S. and Quaranta, M., 2015, ‘Finding out the hard way: Uncovering the structural foundations of political dissatisfaction in Italy, 1973-2013’, West European Politics 38(1): 28-52.

Renzi and Berlusconi do deal on electoral reform (Nov 2014)

good overview article of Italian party democracy and the rise of personalist parties

on proposed reforms to upper house (July 2014)

Forza Italia faces financial crisis as party funding cut and regulated (June 2014)

on inter-party democracy in Italy (May 2014)

Five star party in disarray (March 2014)

Letta coalition continues to face problems (Feb 2014)

Berlusconi re-launches Forza Italia (Nov 2013) and more on demise of right wing of Letta coalition

Comparative European Politics journal special issue on Italian democracy

discussion of Berlusconi after Senate U-turn (OCt 2013)

and discussion of the U-turn

Letta government survives after Berlusconi backs down (2.10.13)

Letta government close to collapse (1.10.13)

risk to Letta Government – threat from Berlusconi (26.9.13)

on formation of Letta Government (May 2013)

Economist on conviction of Berlusconi and implications for party democracy

relevant academic articles:

Giannetti, Daniela ; Pedrazzani, Andrea ; Pinto, Luca, 2017, ‘Party System Change in Italy: Politicising the EU and the Rise of Eccentric Parties‘, South European society & politics 22(1): 21-42.

Pepper D. Culpepper (2014) The Political Economy of Unmediated Democracy: Italian Austerity under Mario Monti, West European Politics, 37:6, 1264-1281

centre-left parties more recent updates

Italy moves to privatise post office (July 2015)

good overview of Renzi/PD (from third way perspective) (June 2015)

Renzi calls for more positive EU posn on TTIP (May 2015)

discussion of Renzi (one year on) (Feb 2015)

Renzi adopts budget cuts (Dec 2014)

on Renzi’s “autumn of discontent” (dec 2014)

Renzi takes anti-corruption direction (dec 2014)

overview of Renzi (Nov 2014) – and discussion of Jobs Act dividing the Democratic Party (Nov 2014)

regional elections suggest declining popularity for Renzi (Dec 2014)

on Renzi’s clash with Brussels (Oct 2014)

Renzi adopts low tax and spend approach – unions opposed (Oct 2014)

discussion of options facing the PD (Aug 2014) and an overview of recent Renzi reforms (Aug 2014) and another of Renzi after 1000 days (sep 2014)

following strong performance in EP elections, Renzi under pressure to come up with results (June 2014) and more here on Renzi avoiding fate of most centre-left parties

Renzi announces tax cuts (for low paid and business) (19.4.14)

populism more recent here

Grillo calls for Euro exit (Jjuly2015)

good discussion of fate of Italian far left, far right, and 5SM

large pro-Northern League rally (March 2015)

new lease of life for Italy’s Northern League? (Jan 2015)

ascendance of new Norther League leader, Salvini (Nov 2014)

Grillo calls for quarantine for immigrants (Sep 2014)

academic articles:

Conti, N. and Memoli, V., 2015, ‘The Emergence of a New Party in the Italian Party System: Rise and Fortunes of the Five Star Movement’, West European Politics 38(3): 516-34.

welfare state – more recent updates

education reforms go ahead (July 2015)

Pension problems for Renzi (May 2015)

on social justice and Italy/Renzi

special issue on welfare state, austerity, and crisis in Southern Europe

Varieties of capitalism

discussion piece on (failed) attempts to reform Italian capitalism over the past two decades (Aug 2015)

Italy moves to privatise post office (July 2015)

on rising poverty rates in Italy (Jan 2015)

critical overview of Renzi’s labour market reforms (Dec 2014) – Jobs Act passes through parliament – and discussion here on how TU opposition to Jobs Act highlights conservative aspect of TUs in Italy – 8 hour general strike against reforms (Dec 2014)

business growing restless with Renzi (Sep 2014) and faces opposition to reform from labour (sep 2014); Senate backs labour reforms (OCt 2014) – opposition to Renzi’s “Jobs Act” (Nov 2014); discussion on Renzi’s need for a deal with organised labour (rather than union-bashing) (Nov 2014); overview of Jobs Act and Renzi response to criticisms

labour market reforms proposed by Renzi (6.4.14)

Political participation

“Pitchforks protest” sees police side with protesters (12.12.13)

anti-austerity protests 2011

Politics of Global Economic Crisis


Renzi looks to reform of SWF (June 2015)

Discussion of Italian prospects for growth (May 2015)

overview of growth, policy and move away from austerity (Apr 2015)

unemployment at record high (Dec 2014)

France, Italy, Belgium to get extra three months on deficit and debt (Nov 2014)

Renzi adopts low tax and spend approach – unions opposed (Oct 2014) – see also unveiling of 2015 budget

special issue on welfare state, austerity, and crisis in Southern Europe

Italy enters triple-dip recesssion (August 2014) – and discussion here of implications for Renzi

discussion of cause of Italy’s economic problems (June 2014)

Italy criticises EU for criticising Italy on spending cuts (April 30 2014) – eventual agreement (Oct 2014)

report of social impact of austerity measures (March 2014)

detailed discussion of Renzi reform programme (18.3.14) and Merkel’s approval and Renzi on EU deficit rules and another overview here of Renzi spending cuts (27.3.14) and EU dismay at request for delay in meeting deficit targets (April 2014)

Renzi plans (tax cuts and labour market reforms) (12.3.14)

concerns over Italy tax-cutting (13.3.14)

details of Renzi’s economic reforms (and bureaucratic obstacles to their implementation) 28.2.14

special issue of South European Society and Politics on Greek and Italian politics in the crisis (2013)

EU presses Renzi to stick to spending limits (19 Feb 2014)

anti-austerity protests (October 2013)

relevant academic articles:

Pepper D. Culpepper (2014) The Political Economy of Unmediated Democracy: Italian Austerity under Mario Monti, West European Politics, 37:6, 1264-1281


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