General – more recent here

Abe wins strong victory (albeit low turnout) (Dec 2014):



more discussion here and here

snap general election called for Dec 2014

Abe announces

stories here; discussion pieces here and here

Economist interview with Abe here

Useful book on Japan’s economic stagnation: http://www.e-elgar.com/bookentry_main.lasso?id=14624 

on moves to reduce limits on military capacity (May 2014) and discussion of constitutional implications (July 2014) and implications for China relations and discussion of opposition to this move here (July 2014)

Decline of party democracy – more recent here

Japan tightens state authority in the face of public opposition (8.12.13)




welfare state 

record high number of people claiming welfare (April 2014)

Varieties of capitalism

New governance code for Japan stock exchange (May 2015)

Unemployment down to lowest levels since late 1990s, but no pay rises (May 2015)

Bill attempts to reduce working hours culture (Apr 2015)

on obstacles to reforming Japan’s CME (6.10.13) and more discussion here on difficulties faced by Japanese firms seeking to restructure (dec 2014)

Political participation 

links here

Politics of the global economic crisis

NEWER ARTICLES (from August 2015)

Inflation continues to remain low (July 2015)

growth and inflation downgraeded (July 23015)

business survey suggests conditions improving (July l2015)

Japan labour market tightest in 23 years  (June 2015)

Abe goes for growth, not fiscal tightening (June 2015)

Japan growth revised upwards for 2015 Q1 – to 3.9% annualised

IMF calls for more QE (May 2015)

On Japan’s politics of currency lowering (& US opposition)

Growth of 2015Q1 doesn’t reflect underlying weakness (May 2015)

good evaluation of Abenomics – and esp. problems caused by VAT hike (May 2015)

Abe new tax plan for growth (May 2015)

Japan on verge of deflation (March 2015) and more (april 2015) – and eventually only just avoids deflation (and more discussion here)

Fitch downgrades credit rating over concrens about fiscal policy (Apr 2015)

recovery hampered by decline in household savings (March 2015)

stimulus budget agreed (dec 2014)

Economist short overview of Abenomics (Dec 2014)

Abenomics and inequality (Nov 2014)

debates on merits of QE (Nov 2014)

Abenomics hit by surprise return to recession (Nov 2014)

Japan surprises international market with further increase in QE (OCt 2014) – and here

good overview of Abenomics (CFR)

declining support for Abenomics (July 2014)

US accuses Japan of protectionism over negotiations of TPP (3.4.14) and trade deal with Australia criticised by US (7.4.14)

Abenomics leads to predicted decline in sales (due to sales tax increase) and improved confidence for manufacturing (due to weak yen) (1.4.14) – and discussion here on impact on GDP (August 2014)

attempts to widen corporate tax base, as part of Abenomics (25.3.14)

Japan committed to continuing easy money policy (Abenomics) (13.12.13)

Abenomics growth slowing down (9.12.13)

end to deflation in Japan? (29.11.13)

Japanese growth weakens (Nov 2013)

weak impact of Abenomics on business demand for bank loans (3.10.13)

discussion of Abenomics (1.10.13)


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