Sources/Background – more recent here

discussion ahead of 25 October general election – and here

Forthcoming Polish elections focus on Euro entry (2015)

impact of bugging scandal on Poland’s political elite (June 2014) and more here  and TUsk wins vote of confidence (June 2014)

Economist updates on Polish politics

Poland’s Civic Platform loses poll to Law and Justice in suprise defeat (Nov 2014)

new pro-Russia party (march 2015)

1980-2 struggles that contributed to breakdown of Soviet bloc

Party democracy – more recent here

On Duda’s victory, and implications for Polish party system (May 2015) – and here  and here and here

reliability of Poland’s electoral process questioned (Nov 2014)

populism and populist far right – updated list here

On Pawel Kukiz’s election as president (May 2015) – and description as populist right wing

new far right party – New Right party – set to win vote to EP elections? (May 2014) and more here, Congress of the New Right – and details of popularity (third most popular party)

Polish far-right march sees violence (12.11.13)

academic articles:

Shields, S. (2015) ‘Neoliberalism Redux: Poland’s Recombinant Populism and its Alternatives’, Critical Sociology 41(4-5): 659-78.

centre left

discussion of the Polish left (Jan 2015)

Welfare reform

Polish pension scheme reform (Jan 2014)

Political participation – more recent here


Polish elections demonstrate the limitations of gender quotas as a tool for increasing female representation

academic articles:

Ekiert, G., Kubik, J. and Wenzel, M., 2017, ‘Civil Society and Three Dimensions of Inequality in Post-1989 Poland’, Comparative Politics 49(3): 331-50.

global economic crisis

POland cuts interest rates amid fear of recession (OCt 2014)


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