general background/recent challenges


Economist updates

party democracy

snap election finally avoided by deal between all mainstream parties (27.12.14) – discussion of what this means for populism here – and one-third of electorate think calling off election was undemocratic

Swedish government collapses  (Dec 2014) – more discussion here – and how snap election is fuelling immigration debate

2014 Election Results coverage: EUobserver, Financial Times, EUROPP

on Sweden’s new Feminist Initiative

academic article on internal party democracy in Sweden: comparing 1950s and 1990s

speculation on forthcoming (September 2014) elections and implications for business (June 2014) – and more discussion here, incl. interview with likely Finance Minister, Magdalena Andersson and discussion of polls here (including observation that centre-right will probably lose despite strong economic performance) and final coverage of candidates and polls here

on recent developments in Swedish party system (May 2014)

academic articles:

Aylott, N. and Bolin, N., 2015, ‘Polarising Pluralism: The Swedish Parliamentary election of September 2014’, West European Politics 38(3): 730-40.

centre-left parties – more recent here

on centre-left calling of snap elections (dec 2014)

review of new government programme (Oct 2014) – the statement of government policy itself here: c749588b

business attacks Sweden’s new centre-left government (Oct 2014)

interview with Social Democratic party leader ahead of 2014 general election (26.2.14) and a profile here: Löfven aims to return Sweden to the Left (August 2014) and video here

academic pieces:

Belfrage, C., forthcoming, ‘The unintended consequences of financialisation: Social democracy hamstrung? The pensions dilemma’, Economic and Industrial Democracy [early online]

far right and populism – updated here

Sweden Democrats – ostracised and energised? (Jan 2015)

Sweden Democrats cause political crisis for government (Nov 2014) – and more here

further rise of Sweden Democrats ahead of 2014 election (Sep 2014) and FT analysis/discussion of their core constituents

journal issue with several articles on Nordic/Swedish far right

Bolin, N., Lidén, G. and Nyhlén, J. (2014), Do Anti-immigration Parties Matter? The Case of the Sweden Democrats and Local Refugee Policy. Scandinavian Political Studies.

Sweden Democrats only party to discuss immigration (May 2014)

academic article discussing failure of anti-immigrant parties in Sweden, 1970-2006

welfare state

call for reforms of Sweden’s education (from pro-market OECD) (May 2015)

Institute of Economic Affairs article (2014) on privatisation of Swedish welfare state

attempts to privatise Swedish welfare state – and opposition to it (Red Pepper, April 2014)

academic articles:

Bergh, A. and Erlingsson, G. Ó. (2009), Liberalization without Retrenchment: Understanding the Consensus on Swedish Welfare State Reforms. Scandinavian Political Studies, 32: 71–93. LINK

varieties of capitalism – updated here

Ericsson to cut 2200 jobs in R&D (March 2015)

FT review of state of Nordic capitalism (Nov 2014)

political participation – updated here

on anti-Islamophobia mobilisations (Jan 2015)

global economic crisis

Sweden launches QE (Feb 2015)

interest rate moved to zero (Oct 2014)


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